Hot Trio Collection
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Hot Trio: Also available in 3 oz Sampler Size 3 of our best selling sides for the person who loves spicy, but not TOO spicy. These 3 have the heat along with great flavors. Our Habanero Apricot quickly became a great addition to our menu with what we call "adult PBJ" But talk about versatile. It's a great addition to chicken wings and pork tenderloin too. Triple Pepper Relish has been a long standing best seller here. Standard fair served along side our flat breads with cheeses. Mixed with Cream cheese it's a hostess favorite. Jalapeno Jam: just a little more heat, when your feeling adventuresome. Also a great one with curries, and cheeses. Mix some with a little apple cider vinegar and heat to make a great sweet/spicy dipping sauce for chicken sate or egg rolls.

Hot Trio Collection

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